Outdoor Comfort and Style Your Customers Will Love

Great looking, durable, high-quality outdoor furniture that’s guaranteed against fading, rusting, splintering, cracking, peeling, chipping, and rotting for 20 years? Yes, it’s all of that and American-made, too! This is Kanyon Furniture and we think it’s the best quality outdoor furniture you can offer to your customers.

All of our Kanyon furniture is handmade by Amish craftsmen using traditional methods and only the finest of recycled materials. The quality workmanship and care that goes into each piece reflects the pride we feel in our local, Midwestern economy and roots. It’s that kind of pride that we think your customers will feel whenever they’re relaxing in a Kanyon chair or enjoying a fresh-off-the-grill meal at a Kanyon table.

Kanyon Outdoor Dining Sets

Shopping and eating locally are a huge trend. What better way for your customers to embrace that trend than by eating locally-sourced, and lovingly hand prepared, meals from a finely hand-crafted Kanyon table and chairs set?  We offer these combos as a 42″ square or a 6′ long rectangle or oval. Three different heights and an array of colors are available to match local preferences.

We also offer a bar height harvest table set that’s perfect for serving lunch on a screened-in porch overlooking a water view! Your customers are sure to picture plenty of other places where this charming set will be equally at home.

Adirondack Swings

These comfortable swings are available in both 4′ and 5′ widths. Choose single color swings for a more conservative customer base or a bicolored set if your customers are a bit more adventurous. The bicolored set will feature the main color on the seat with your choice of a secondary color accenting parts of the seat and frame. Either rendition is attractive and will invite customers to sit and swing for awhile. Taking their favorite new swing home with them is a likely result.

Gliders and Rockers and Chairs, Oh My!

At Kanyon Furniture, we take your customers’ comfort seriously. That’s why we provide such an extensive range of comfortable outdoor seating options. Whether it’s a sleek bar height saddle stool, a handy folding chair,  or a swiveling Adirondack glider, we have options that are sure to please all of your customers. 

Our seating options range from simple dining, bar, and counter height stools and chairs to single or double seat Adirondack gliders. We also offer more of that traditional, and ever-popular, Adirondack seating in the form of rocking chairs and even folding chairs with pull out ottomans. Pair seating with accessories such as side tables and universal cupholders for a setting your customers will really envision themselves using and enjoying.

Quality Counts

All of our furniture products are of the highest quality since they are designed and built to last a lifetime. They feature the finest quality recycled materials that need only a little soap and water to keep them looking their best. They are stain-resistant, low maintenance, durable, and weather-resistant. All of the hardware we use is #316 marine-grade stainless steel to ensure smooth operation and no rust. Is it any wonder we back our American-made products with a 20-year warranty?      

Become a Kanyon Furniture Dealer Today!

The fine workmanship, superb quality, excellent guarantee, and comfortable Midwestern aesthetic mean our furniture pieces practically sell themselves. However, we’re always looking for retailers who want to expand their inventory to include these proven customer favorites. When you offer Kanyon Furniture, you become part of our ‘hometown general store’ family.

Your customers will appreciate the Midwestern quality of our products and our standard 20-year warranties. You will appreciate the ‘small town’ service we provide our dealers along with the convenience & speed of our modern business practices. Why not combine the best of both when you become a Kanyon Furniture dealer today?